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Jasmine, QUEEN Bee
Our founder and fearless leader of Sugar(ed)'s sweeties can be found training our new residents, demolishing chicken wings or cozying up to her three fur babies. And all while holding her toughest yoga pose.

This little Malaysian packs a punch, speaks a million languages and lives for life's greatest pleasures - playing with animals, dancing, dessert and above all, Gordon Ramsey.

20190830 Sugared Opening 223.jpg
APRIL, Sugarist
Adorable April is our go-to-girl for anything sporty. As much as she loves training, she’d gladly give it up for a little cuddle time with her doggies… or a good glass of vino rosso.

     Manissah, Sugarist
She goes by Manissah, Manis, or SWEET-ah. Nothing is more purrrfect to her than hanging out in cat cafes against a romantic cotton candy sunset. Her mantra? Every cat is my best friend.

       tasha, Sugarist
Quiz her on any twist and turn in 18 seasons of Grey's Anatomy, we're willing to bet that Tasha gets it down to a T. Her favourite meal while Netflix-ing is curry Maggi, extra mozzarella please.

Our half-Malay, half-Pakistani beauty  thrives on a healthy lifestyle and a wide array of beauty products. Chilling with good food and great friends is her idea of heaven on earth.

IMAGE 2019-10-15 09_31_11.jpg
Liyana, Sugarist
Liyana no longer knows what her favourite hair colour is and has the insane array of ear jewellery. If you don’t find her here, she'll be geeking out to anime, cosplay, and even MMA.

Jannah, Sugarist
On most days, she's your friendly girl-next-door, but bring out a game of Azul and you'll be at Jannah's mercy. Just like aceing every lyric at karaoke, she takes her wins very seriously.

MIA, Sugarist
It’s always Throwback Thursday when Mia’s around. Her alter ego is a picture-perfect blonde staring out a cafe window with an MP3 player blasting ‘90s Top Hits’ in the other.

Our young and fair Hui Mun may have been born in Singapore but is Korean to her very core. This giggler believes that anything purple serves a higher purpose and lives for horfun.

HUI MUN, Sugarist
IMG_0789 (1).JPG
Though she has retired her tattoo needles, this cheerful soft-spoken cookie still fills her free time looking at the best of ink-spirations. Something that Careyn doesn't run out of? Care.

       CAREYN, Sugarist
       Sarah, Sugarist
This little lamb may be easily spooked, but thrillers and murder mysteries are favourites in Sarah's reading list. An anime about the supernatural with a kickass soundtrack? Consider her sold.

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-12 at 10.57_edited.jpg
FERDeOS, Sugarist
Is it just us, or do you hear that faint music, too? With Ferdeos in the room, there’s never any shortage of all things Korean! Ask our resident K-pop lover for some song recommendations.

DSC00266_DxO copy.jpg
Consider yourself a cookie of great fortune if you're lucky enough to get your hands on one of Shaf's "Oohnique" culinary creations. This smiling sweetie is also an avid cat-lover.

This brown-eyed baby wants the world to know that she doesn't wear coloured lenses. Aside from her dancing, singing and multiple laughing fits, she is a Serious Stacy when it comes to work.

Reigning the official title 'Moana of Sugar(ed), Maye is truly one with the ocean. When the sun's out, so is her tanning oil and beach mat while she kicks back to the best of ABBA.

   constance, SMOOTH OPERATOR
Wander-ing where Constance is at? This bundle of joy adores a traveller’s lifestyle and never backs down from a Duolingo challenge. It’s no surprise her all-time favourite read is Eat Pray Love.

Four words to describe Zakia? Sambal in a bottle. She brings the heat with a tangy dash of cheekiness. Taking on Papa Ayam’s Lvl. 27 Ayam Geprek is no sweat to this spice lover.

20190830 Sugared Opening 228.jpg
Azreena is the force of nature to the beat of whose drum our smiling smoothies march. Though always ready to go, a Boost Juice or Filet-o-Fish  can make this warrior buckle, stat.
This behind-the-scenes ogre considers herself a true Singaporean, will never eat to live and suffers from severe OCD. Need tips on cleanliness, grub or discounts? Bark up this tree.
IMAGE 2022-02-08 16_36_36.jpg
BABA, Lil' smooth
Baba is anything but a Baba. Though extremely lame, this court jester does walk and believes acai is a way of life. Hit her up anytime to turn your frown upside down.
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