How long does my hair need to be?


At least 3mm long. Think “grain of rice”. Around Japanese or Jasmine if you want to be specific. And if in doubt, the longer, the better. We can always trim if need be.


How often should I get sugared?


For areas below the hips, we’d recommend sugaring every 4 weeks. Areas above the hips grow at different rates; for example, you wouldn’t sugar your arms or abdomen as often as you might do your underarms, which you may want to do every two or three weeks.


How does Sugaring work towards a permanent hair reduction solution?


Regular extraction around 3.5mm every 2 to 5 weeks, meaning the anagen phase of hair growth, leads to permanent hair reduction. At that length, part of the follicle wall is pulled out during each extraction, eventually causing it to collapse, so over time, the follicles shrink and hair becomes more refined and can eventually diminish, which is why we recommend sugaring at least every 4 weeks for most body areas.

What do all the bikini/Brazilian zones refer to?


Below you’ll find a diagram that includes our “zoning” standards. Remember, if you’re ever in doubt or looking for a custom job, speak with your Sugarist.


ABOUT brazilian sugaring

Virgin Brazilian®


If you’ve never done a Brazilian at Sugar(ed), then this one is for you, sweetie. Our signature service complete with our soothing mud treatment removes all the hair from the pubic bone, labia and between the cheeks. Prefer to keep a landing strip? Not to worry – our sugarists are happy to line up your runway upon request.

Brazilian Standard


The classic Brazilian to get your lady garden perfectly pruned, anytime. Our rich mud treatment is always available as an add-on – if it’s been a while since your last Brazilian, give yourself a little treat to keep your flower patch smooth and soothed.


Brazilian Maintenance


This Brazilian is for our regular sweeties looking to achieve hair refinement on a faster scale by grooming at Sugar(ed) every month, while hairs are still in their anagen stage of growth. Return within five weeks of your last Sugar(ed) Brazilian to book this service.

ABOUT your skin

I have sensitive skin – can I be sugared?


Of course you can; all pigments and types of hair can be sugared. With sugaring, only dead skin cells and hair are removed with lukewarm sugar paste, leaving your live cells safe and sound.


Made from white sugar, water, and lemon juice (citric acid), our sugar paste is 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable and any excess comes off gently with warm water. Should you have any concerns, it’s always best to discuss them with your sugarist before beginning your treatment.

Can I still get sugared if I'm on my period?


That time of the month can often get in the way, so always call your respective studio if you're expecting "Aunt Flo" to come to town, and we'll see what we can do.

Does sugaring cause ingrown hairs?


Most of our clients find that sugaring leads to fewer ingrown hairs than both waxing and shaving. Sugaring removes hair with the grain and doesn’t distort the follicle, resulting in less breakage and a smoother result. If you are prone to ingrowns, feel free to speak with your sugarist about aftercare options.

Can I have sex after getting sugared?


Not that we’re recommending anything, but should you wish to practice that sport, we’d advise waiting at least 24 hours after bikini and Brazilian treatments before doing so. When follicles are dilated, sweat and bacteria can irritate freshly sugared skin, which can rapidly lead to inflammation or tenderness and even ingrown hairs down the line. Hold off for 24. That’s all we ask.

about the girlie stuff

Can I still get sugared (Bikini/Brazilian) if I’m pregnant?


Our sugar paste is 100% natural so, sure you can. As long as you’re past your first trimester in a healthy pregnancy, sugaring is safe but just note that you may be more sensitive than usual. Sugar(ed) caters to many pregnant clients but one non-negotiable requirement is that you check with your gynaecologist before your session, so please do so before requesting an appointment.


Remember to mention your pregnancy when you book in so we can better prepare your treatment. By making an appointment, Sugar(ed) will consider that you’ve taken note of all the necessary requirements and precautions.


How long after giving birth should I wait before getting sugared (Bikini/Brazilian) again?


We generally recommend waiting 1 to 3 months (natural) or 3 to 6 months (caesarean) after giving birth before popping in for a session. It is, however, entirely dependent on the method of childbirth and on your and your gynaecologist’s opinions. In most cases, once Mothers are up for it and have their doctor’s approval (written for <1 month post-natural and <3 months post-caesarean), they’re welcome to book in. Hit up any of our resident sweeties for more information.


What should I do if I’m on any medication?


We’d recommend that you consult your physician before making an appointment if you’re under any medication. Certain ingredients can alter your skin’s condition, making it more susceptible to tearing and irritation, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Can I get sugared if I'm using Retin-A, Renova, Tazorac, or Differin?


As these topical products can make skin more susceptible to tearing and irritation, we refrain from sugaring treated areas and ask that you wait at least three months after discontinuation before having them sugared.


Can I get sugared if I'm taking Accutane (Sotret or Claravis)?


Unfortunately, we don’t perform any sugaring services for clients on accutane or similar medication. Because their ingredients are known to cause drying and thinning of the skin, there is a high risk of permanent skin damage associated with epilation. We strongly advise that you wait 3 to 6 months after discontinuation before getting sugared and would highly recommend a patch test.

how old to get sweet



Girlies, if you’ve hit your sweet sixteenth, then feel free to pop in anytime.

Mommies, if you’re planning to bring your daughters in and they’re under the age of 16, please bear in mind that your presence will be required at each session.


Other areas


Sugaring all other body areas is possible from the age of 12 (parents must be present for those under the age of 14).



Our gentlemen are more than welcome to book in a Manzilian session as long as they’re 18 and above.   

about your lashes

I have lash extensions – can I still do a lash lift?


Afraid not. As extensions can shorten, thin and weaken roots and lashes, we'd strongly recommend that you "rest" them for at least a month or two to allow natural lashes to recover and regrow to their fullest. 


How should I prepare for my treatment?  

Simply arrive at your respective studio without any extensions, eye make-up or creams on. Your lashes should be completely bare. Having any product on your eyes or lashes may cut into your treatment time and could likely affect lift results.


May I wear contact lenses?


We'd recommend removing your contact lenses for your lash lift, so please bring solution and your lens case to store them during the treatment. Contacts can be put back in immediately after the treatment is finished.


What's the downtime before I can resume my normal activities without affecting the lift? 


For the first 24 to 48 hours following the treatment (72 hours if you want to be a trooper), we ask that you avoid wetting your lashes and any eye products or make-up as your lashes continue to lift and set. That includes swimming, saunas, steam rooms and rigorous workouts. Feel free to use a washcloth to clean your face during this time but be sure to avoid your lash area. No holds barred once you've passed the 48-hour mark.

Will there be any damage to my natural lashes or their future growth? 


Not to worry, our Keratin Lash Lift is gentle and won't damage your lashes but we would recommend that you keep them hydrated with our Nourish or Keratin mascaras to maintain their condition and extend treatment results.

Your lashes will also naturally shed over their growth cycle and will therefore restore their natural position and tone.


Are there any side effects?


We tailor the treatment to your eye shape, lash length and density to minimise contact between the products and your skin, thus minimising any possible irritation. It is imperative, as with all treatments and products, that you inform us before your session if ever you're prone to allergic reactions.

Can I still get a lash lift if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?


We would generally recommend that you wait until you have given birth or stopped breastfeeding before doing a lash lift. Hormonal changes can cause allergic reactions, make you more sensitive to certain products and even affect the results of the treatment, but, nevertheless, should wish to proceed, we'll require that a patch test be done at least 24 hours before your session.

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