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1: book in

Hit the 'Book In' button above and request an appointment slot.

Be sure to include your Full Name, Email Address and Mobile Number, or we might not be able to accept your request. For multiple treatments, please submit separate requests for each service. Contact us directly for more assistance.


Confirm your booking via WhatsApp message or by calling in at least 24 to 72 hours in advance.

2: prepare your skin

Your hair should be at least 3mm long (about the length of a Jasmine rice grain) to get sugared. Don't trim or shave a thing.


Should your hair be any shorter, it may lead to a less thorough sugaring job.

Hold off on exfoliating three days before and after your sugaring session to prevent thinning out the skin barrier. Take note of any open wounds or bruises as well.

3: Time to get sweet

Head to Sugar(ed) in loose, comfortable clothes, preferably lotion, oil, or make-up free on the areas to be sugared. 


Please arrive early, especially if it's your first time with us (at least 5 to 10 minutes for client registration).


If you're running late, we're only a call or text away. We will do our best to hold on to your slot, but in cases of back-to-back appointments, it is likely that you will have to cancel or reschedule.


Refer to our cancellation policy in Step 1. 


Sugar(ed) accepts payments via PayNow and NETS, Visa, Mastercard and American Express. We no longer accept cash payments. 


4: after sugaring

Avoid for at least 24 TO 48 HOURS:
  • Heat: Tanning, hot baths/showers, and saunas aren't great for freshly sugared skin. Allow your pores to close up before exposing your skin to higher heat.


  • Sports: Excessive sweating is big NO after sugaring. Pores risk getting clogged with bacteria, sweat and oils so let this be your excuse to skip the gym/pool for the day. ​

  • Skin Irritants: Scented products, massage oils, deodorant (if you had your underarms sugared), etc.

5: do your homework

  • ​Hydrate: Everyday and be sure to use more natural and non-comedogenic skincare products.


  • Exfoliate: Wait 3 to 4 days after sugaring and repeat about once to twice a week between appointments.


  • Regrowth: Keep an eye out: if your hair is growing under a layer of dead or dry skin, or if you're prone to getting ingrown hairs, use more effective scrubs or moisturisers.

6: your next session

Be sure to book your next sugaring session early to catch those hairs at their weakest, and begin refining regrowth from the get-go.

A general rule of thumb is to get sugared every 4 to 5 weeks (for areas below the hips) to work towards permanent hair reduction.


Remember, regrowth rate is relative. Your brows may grow out faster than the hair on your limbs, so it's best to gauge things for yourself.


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