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Sugar(ed)'s Policies


As most of our services are booked in early, sometimes up to two months in advance, it's perfectly normal to lose track of your appointments, which is why we request that all bookings be confirmed 24 to 72 hours in advance. Our booking system automatically requests for confirmation 72 hours prior to your appointment via email. Should there be no response, our Resident Sweeties will follow up with a phone call, WhatsApp message or email.

Please note that we will do our best to hold your bookings for as long as possible, but reserve the right to cancel appointments that remain unconfirmed 24 hours before their scheduled time (48 hours on weekends and public holidays). We will, of course, attempt to contact you via WhatsApp or telephonically should the event occur. Unreachable clients who wish to keep their unconfirmed appointments are advised to contact their respective studio before making their way over.


At Sugar(ed), we try to be as flexible as possible. Life happens and we get it. All we ask is that you reschedule or cancel your appointments well in advance so that other clients may benefit from that availability. Kindly make any changes (rescheduling/service changes/cancellations) at least 24 hours (weekdays) to 48 hours (weekends + public holidays) in advance. Changes made within the 24 to 48 hour window will be considered last-minute.


Cancellation histories are renewed every six months. Clients with a history (three times or more over six months) of last-minute cancellations, changes or no-shows will be required to pay for their subsequent bookings in advance in order to secure their slots.

Our grace period for late-comers is 5 to 10 minutes (depending on the duration allocated to complete your service). Please arrive early for your appointment as late arrivals may result in a shortened service in order to accommodate other customers fairly and respectfully. If you are running late, please inform us telephonically or via WhatsApp before your appointmentWe will do our best to provide a complete service within the remaining time, and seek your understanding should it be otherwise.

DEPOSIT for extended sessions

Starting 1 February 2022, a prepayment of $50 will be required from clients with multiple-service bookings amounting to 120 minutes and above. While we understand that life can be unpredictable, please bear in mind that your Sugarist has dedicated a large portion of her schedule to your booking.


In the unfortunate case of no-shows, last-minute cancellations/rescheduling or service changes made within 24 hours (weekdays) to 48 hours (weekends + public holidays) of your scheduled appointment, your deposit will be forfeited as a cancellation fee.


Sugar(ed) accepts payments via PayNow, NETS, Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

We no longer accept cash payments.


As members of the Sugar(ed) team, we do our utmost to provide the highest standards of service. As a client of Sugar(ed), you agree to hold Sugared Asia Pte. Ltd. harmless from all liability associated with sugaring and skin care, and acknowledge that you have completed our client record form to the best of your ability and will discuss with your sugarist prior to your session any treatments or medication that you are currently undergoing or may undergo, any existing or future health conditions (pregnancy, postpartum, hormonal changes, vulvar/vaginal conditions, etc.) and any skin conditions that may be problematic.

Sugar(ed) reserves the right to refuse service to any person demonstrating inappropriate, abusive or hostile behaviour.

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