Few get away with no maintenance, so for those who might need a hand in keeping their skin in tip-top shape, the sweeties are here to help. At Sugar(ed), our face and body treatments range from sugar scrubs, rich Hungarian mud treatments to Keratin lash lifts.

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BODY treatmentS

*Kindly note that due to GST registration, prices for products and services have been adjusted to include prevailing government taxes.

*Effective from 1 January 2020





(V)acial® (Ideal for In-between Bikini/Brazilian Sessions)
F: $45.00

Sugar(ed)’s signature facial for your lady garden – a six-step treatment including cleansing, exfoliation, a light steam, ingrown hair extraction, our signature mud treatment and a generous layer of our holy grail balm, Phenomen-all – ideal for in-between bikini/Brazilian sessions.


We’d recommend booking in a (V)acial about two weeks after your last Brazilian sugaring or two weeks before your next, to make sure hairs and skin are at their best.

Full Legs Hungarian Wellness Mud Wrap
F: $65.00
M: $75.00
30’ - 45’
Full Arms Hungarian Wellness Mud Wrap
F: $55.00
M: $65.00
Full Back Hungarian Wellness Mud Wrap
F: $55.00
M: $65.00
Underarms Hungarian Wellness Mud Wrap
F: $15.00
M: $15.00

FACIAL treatments





Hungarian Wellness Mud Mask
F: $30.00
M: $30.00

Hungarian Wellness Mud is the ultimate skin care treatment that will leave skin smooth and radiant by deeply penetrating the dermis layers. Its amazing properties help to boost collagen production, minimise and tighten pores, soothe the skin from inflammation, and brighten skin complexion.

Sweet 'n Plump Facial
F: $88.00
M: $88.00

Designed to stimulate collagen production while harnessing the natural healing powers of sugar and mud, this treatment is ideal for preserving youthful skin and delaying the signs of aging.


All about sugar, the session starts with a sugar-based double cleanse to remove any oils or impurities before gently exfoliating off dead skin with “Sweet Cheeks”, the studio’s best-selling sugar scrub, preparing the skin for a light steam to open those pores up.


Sugarists then drizzle warm sugar paste over the entire face and décolleté and plump the areas, allowing the natural glycolic (AHA) derivatives found in sugar to accelerate the skin’s cell renewal process.


Next comes an extremely generous layer of Hungarian Wellness mud that detoxifies and soothes the skin, complete with dual jade rollers to increase blood circulation while gentle lymphatic drainage flushes toxins out.


Glow for it, girls.

Sugar Scrub + Hungarian Wellness Mud Mask
F: $35.00
M: $35.00
Individual Mud Patch (By Zone)
F: $5.00
M: $5.00

Prices listed are in Singapore Dollars and are subject to change without prior notice and misprints reserved.

Please note that listed durations are approximate and vary according to proportion, skin condition and hair density.

- Signature services.

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