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Digital Gift-card

Digital Gift-card


The sweetest way to make someone's day? A gift of self-care. From sugaring to skincare made from the earth's best ingredients, you decide their path to glowing skin.


*Please note that gift-cards are ineligible for any discounts. The final amount you pay will be the amount credited to the card. The gift-card will have a 3-month validity from the date of issue, and it is non-returnable, non-refundable and non-exchangeable.



1) Proceed to payment with the Digital Gift-card added to your cart.


2) In the Quantity box, enter the credit amount that you wish to gift.

For example:

To gift $200, write '200'.

To gift a specific service (eg. Brazilian Virgin), write '70'. Our pricelist may be found under Services + Prices on the menu.


3) On the Check-out Page, list the following information under Note:

- Sender's Name.

- Recipient's Name, Email Address and Mobile Number.

- Tell us whether you are gifting a specific service (eg. Brazilian Virgin), or if the gift is just a credit amount (eg. $100).

- A message to the recipient, if any.


Clients who submit incomplete information may face delays in having their orders processed.


4) Select 'Self-collection / E-mail' as the shipping method. Our Resident Sweeties will send the gift-card to the recipient via email once your order is processed.


Stay sweet.

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